HDRI Studio Effects Collection

25 HDRI Studio Effects Collection

HDRI Studio Collection

25 HDRI spherical maps + 3 bonus HDRIs
by 3DMart (aka Renat Mansurov)
Save you money with this collection! You save more then $75 or you can find other my HDRI and buy only one HDRI for you actual needs
High Dynamic Range Image (HDRI) allows you to import lighting a real scene in your 3d work. Wonderful shadows and reflections in the scene can achieve the highest level of realism in the rendering.
High Dynamic Range images – or HDRI for short is the really realistic and rapid technique for hyperrealism renders.

This technology allows 3D-designer to spend a very small amount of time adjusting the lighting and reflection, a refuge from the fine tuning of several light sources, as well as long-term experiments by fitting the intensity and color in the scene. It allows to transfer the mood lighting from environment map directly to objects of the scene.
All HDRIs are license-free and can be used without any additional cost in all commercial productions.

Use HDRIs directly supports many 3D-applications, such as 3dsmax, Maya, VizRender, Viz, Lightwave (version 6.0 and higher), Softimage|XSI, Bryce and others.

Format: .hdr (RADIANCE Image Format)
Projection : Spherical Map (Latitude-Longitude, Equidistant, Equirectangular, (360/180, full spherical panorama))
Resolution : 1500X750pxl
Dept : 32 bit per channal
Render example : 3dsmax&v-ray

Please, see all of my product and free HDRI example ( ID/538961   ID/984081

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